Skydive Finger Lakes

Founded in 1982, we have been skydiving Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, and Auburn for more than 30 years! We are Central New York's longest established Skydiving Center.

Located on a private airport in NY's breathtaking Finger Lakes region, we offer tandem skydiving, sport jumping, and learn to skydive programs. Whether you're a first time skydiver or a seasoned fun jumper, Skydive Finger Lakes is dedicated to providing you with a first class skydiving experience.

With our friendly atmosphere, highly experienced instructors, beautiful scenery and convenient location, Skydive Finger Lakes is the #1 choice for Skydiving Rochester, Syracuse, and Central New York!

  • Go Tandem Skydiving

    Experience the thrill of free fall and take in the breathtaking views of NY's Finger Lakes all while securely attached to one of our highly experienced skydiving instructors. Tandem skydiving makes it easy for everyone to experience one of life's greatest adventures. We'll have you trained, suited up, and ready to fly in less than an hour.

  • Learn to Skydive

    Would you like to learn to skydive solo? Learn from the best instructors in the industry at Central New York's longest established skydiving center. Skydive Finger Lakes offers a complete student training program that will take you from novice to licensed skydiver in 25 jumps.

  • Fun Jumpers

    Are you an experienced skydiver looking for a dz to call home? Skydive Finger Lakes has an active, welcoming fun jumper community filled with skydivers of all experience levels and disciplines. Learn more about our historic airport, landing areas, aircraft, upcoming events and more.

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    7 Things You Need for a Successful Skydive

    First-time skydivers can easily be caught off-guard by the planning process. No wonder! I mean: it's hard to plan for something that you've never done before.

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    What Should a Skydive Cost?

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  • Can You Go Skydiving In The Rain?

    Can You Go Skydiving In The Rain?

    Rain, in its right place, is one of the things that makes it so pleasing to live on planet Earth. That said: skydiving in rain is one of the most unpleasant horrors you can endure. It's awful. It's hideous. It makes you want to move to the middle of the Sahara and never see another raindrop so long as you live.

    October 17, 2016

We can't wait to go back! One of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

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