Weather Forecast

Check the Forecast for Your Finger Lakes Skydive

In a perfect world, we'd have blue skies and sunshine every day. Unfortunately, mother nature often has other plans. We ask our guests to understand that skydiving operations are dependent on proper weather conditions and that we may occasionally have to postpone or reschedule your skydive if the weather is not suitable for jumping.

Please check the weather forecast for the day of your jump and be sure to contact us if you have doubts about weather conditions.

Today (2/19)

Snow (< 1 in.) in the evening.

23° High

12° Low

Tomorrow (2/20)

Snow (< 1 in.) starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening, and windy starting in the evening.

35° High

18° Low

Thursday (2/21)

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

40° High

31° Low

Friday (2/22)

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

36° High

28° Low

Saturday (2/23)

Light rain overnight.

44° High

24° Low