Can You Go Skydiving In The Rain?

Published: October 17, 2016

There's something romantic about rain, no?

Long walks in the rain...singin' in the rain'...watching the rain patter a window...rainforests and rainbows and umbrella-sharing. Rain, in its right place, is one of the things that makes it so damn pleasing to live on planet Earth. That said: skydiving in rain is one of the most unpleasant horrors you can endure. It's awful. It's hideous. It makes you want to move to the middle of the Sahara and never see another raindrop so long as you live.

Why? Golly. Let us count the ways.

1. Rain Hurts. Oh God, It Hurts. It Hurts So Bad.

This is, as any skydiver will tell you, the A-number-one reason why skydiving in the rain is the worst of bad ideas. It's important to realize that, when you skydive in the rain, you're not being gently patted by little fairy tears from above. You're being smacked by sharp little cold pellets from below. By the pointy ends. At terminal velocity speed. On your face.

2. Rain Soaks Everything. And Then The Wind Chill Makes Everything Frosty-cold.

Would you stand in front of a pressure washing hose, then stroll into a walk-in refrigerator with a fan in it that's blowing 120 miles per hour? If you would, then I hope you'd be paid handsomely for it. We're guessing you'd really rather not.

3. Rain Causes Delays.

Rain comes from clouds, naturally. And clouds cause "weather holds"--delays--at responsible dropzones that follow FAA rules. If it's a rainy day, chances are that the "loads"--airplanes full of skydivers--will be waiting impatiently on the ground for a space to clear between the clouds. This wait could potentially last for hours, then send everyone on a mad scramble to get ready and safe in time to catch the opportunity before another cloud moves in.

4. Rain Takes The Most Fun Experience Ever And Makes It Miserable.

Of all the reasons not to skydive in the rain, this is by far the most salient: that rain takes the landmark experience of a skydive and makes it a hardship to be endured, not a brilliant, fun accomplishment to be celebrated. If you have the choice--and we can't imagine why you wouldn't!--then, in our humble opinion, the only choice worth making is to hang in there for a sunny day. Trust us--you'll be overjoyed that you did!

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