Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Published: December 20, 2016

Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Almost every first time skydiver wants to know what it feels like to skydive before they take the leap. At Skydive Finger Lakes, we frequently get asked by jumpers whether skydiving feels like a roller coaster or if their stomach will "drop" in freefall. Here, we debunk this common myth and do our best to explain what skydiving really feels like.

Why Do People Think Skydiving Feels Like A Roller Coaster?

So before we go into how it actually feels, let's debunk the myth.

The whole idea that skydiving feels like a roller coaster is easy to understand. Plenty of people have been on roller coasters and that makes it an excellent frame of reference.

When you're on a roller coaster, it climbs to its peak and has reached almost a full stop when it tips over that peak to start the downward leg. That's why you get that feeling in your stomach as you go over the edge. It's the change in speed that gives you that sensation.

Conversely, on a skydive, you're on a moving airplane so when you jump, you don't get that same feeling of 'dropping'. That's because the airplane is moving forward itself.

The Feeling of Skydiving

So what does skydiving feel like?

It's a really difficult question to answer, because everyone's experience is unique to them.

Some people say it feels like being cushioned on the air. What they mean by that is, rather than feeling like you're falling down, freefall feels much more like you're hovering. That's because you're falling at speed but have no frame of reference for that speed - there's nothing moving around you so you can't tell how fast you are going.

Then there are people who suggest that skydiving feels like putting your hand out of a car window when it's moving. You know that feeling? Your hand will feel the wind rush against it and you'll notice that there's a certain amount of pressure on your hand as you try to stop it being blown backwards.

You'll get that same feeling in freefall. It's not a hard pressure, but you will feel the wind pushing slightly against you from underneath as you fall.

Of course, there's no better way to experience what skydiving feels like than to try it for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Come experience skydiving with us today!