Positive Effects Of Skydiving On The Body

Positive Effects Of Skydiving On The Body

Published: September 21, 2017

Ask anyone who's been skydiving and they'll tell you it's one of the most amazing things they've ever done!

But did you know that aside from the fun and massive adrenaline rush, skydiving actually has real benefits on your physical and mental health? Keep reading to find out more about the positive effects skydiving can have on your body and mind!

Physical Effects of Skydiving on the Body

There are some people who think that skydiving is 'just falling'. Those people are wrong. And believe us when we say... it's physically tough!

OK, so we may have drinks at the end of the day and our cafe may serve some pretty tasty treats, but skydiving is a real sport, and one that requires physical dexterity, agility and strength.

In order to fly their bodies in the air flow, skydivers have to be strong and flexible enough to shape their body, often pressing on the relative wind, which can feel like pushing against a wall!

As you progress as a skydiver, you'll need to maintain your physical fitness. It's not just the demands of freefall, either; if you choose to train with a team, you'll likely be jumping in quick succession - which means running back and forth from the airplane with your rig on your back and parachute in hand. Try doing 16 jumps like that in a day... phew!

How Does Skydiving Change Your Body?

One of the biggest changes you'll see as you become a skydiver is in your back muscles. The act of arching (which is what gives us a stable belly-to-earth position) means that you'll be tightening the muscles around your lower back and core. That's why it's so important to warm up and cool down after every jump.

In addition to stronger back muscles, you can expect improved flexibility as a skydiver, too. All that bending in the sky means you'll probably be bendier down on the ground. It's basically sky yoga!

Then there's all the things we do on the ground to prepare our bodies for freefall. Running, cardio, weight lifting, yoga... it all helps make us better flyers and the benefits of that go way beyond the sky. You'll be fitter as a result of jumping.

Mental Health Benefits of Skydiving

While the physical benefits of skydiving are awesome, the mental health benefits are even more far reaching.

Once you've jumped from an airplane, your perception of the world around you changes. What once seemed impossible has been proven to be possible, and that filters through to your everyday life.

That business meeting that seemed so daunting? No worries, it's nothing compared to stepping out of that airplane door! That school recital you'd been so nervous about on behalf of your kid? Not an issue - you know that they, like you, can achieve anything! And no one has ever thought about their worries while falling at 120mph through the sky. It really is the ultimate release.

Mental health wise, that has some really liberating effects. The very fact that you've conquered something as challenging as skydiving is totally empowering.

And let's not forget about the amazing community of people that surround the sport of skydiving. Every skydiver the world over will tell you that skydivers are among the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Incredible people, from all walks of life, who come together to do the thing they love most. It's the most supportive, welcoming and accepting group of people you could hope to meet. The skydiving community will make you feel like you belong and give you the network you need to overcome any challenge you face.

Experience It for Yourself

Who knew that jumping out of an airplane could have such a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul? Maybe it's time that you experience the benefits of skydiving for yourself. Book your tandem skydive online today!

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