7 Things You Need for a Successful Skydive

7 Things You Need for a Successful Skydive

Published: November 22, 2016

First-time skydivers can easily be caught off-guard by the planning process. No wonder! I mean: it's hard to plan for something that you've never done before, that you have no context for and that seems to kinda exist in an alternate universe. What are the ground rules? What's the best way to chart out the day? And how the heck do you pack for a journey into, essentially, the next stage of your life (the stage that comes after you've jumped into the sky from the door of a flying airplane)?

We can help with all of those questions, of course, but let's start by addressing that last one. So, without further ado: Here's a great little packing list for a first-time skydiver.

1. A Few Snacks And Some Water.

You should definitely arrive having already eaten. A moderate meal, one to two hours beforehand, is ideal. That said: since there is a ground school involved and there may be a bit of a wait, you should prepare for eventualities by bringing along healthy snacks and water.

Note: leave the energy drinks at home! Extra caffeine is not really your friend, when it comes to skydiving. On the dropzone, we like to say that skydiving is better than coffee, and trust us--we're right.

2. Your Government-issued Photo ID.

This is super-important! You won't be able to make a jump without it. No exceptions!

That ID must also prove that you're over eighteen years of age on the day of your jump. If it's your 18th birthday, great! If it'll be your 18th birthday tomorrow, we'll be waiting for you tomorrow. The U.S. legal system forces our hand, here, to be very strict; though we'd love the leeway to make exceptions to the rule, we're totally unable to.

3. Some Cash.

You'll probably want to pick up a souvenir tee shirt or another souvenir from our little selection. Be prepared! (You also might be overcome with gratitude to your instructor for saving your life and give him or her a tip... they always appreciate it.) Don't forget that you also get a discount on your jump and media package if you pay cash- check our info and rates page for details.

4. The Right Clothes.

Wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather on the ground and bring an additional fitted layer, along the lines of a fleece zip-up. This should cover you for all the eventualities and ensure that you're cozy. Your feet are important, too: wear lace-up shoes that you'd be comfortable doing a quick sprint in. (Not that you will be sprinting, mind you--but that's a good test to be sure that they'll stay on your feet through the rigors of freefall).

5. Observation Stuff.

It's great to bring along a setup for observing the other jumpers' freefall and landings. A couple of folding chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen and binoculars should set you up just fine for a couple hours' worth of checking out the awesomeness from the ground.

6. Companions.

Bring friends! Skydiving is always more fun when you bring along your buddies, whether they jump with you or keep your parachute-watchin' chairs warm on the ground while you're up there. (Only bring the two-legged kind, though, as dogs aren't allowed on the dropzone.)

7. Your Sense Of Adventure.

This is going to be the smiliest, giggliest, whee-est day you've ever had, so come with the readiness to experience it fully. C'mon over and let's make it happen!

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