How Loud is Free Fall?

How Loud is Free Fall?

Published: December 20, 2016

How Loud is Free Fall?

If you're skydiving for the first time, you might not have thought about how loud free fall is, or what it sounds like.

It's not surprising that you haven't thought about it! Skydiving is an incredible experience and one that is full of new feelings and excitement. But it's not uncommon for first-timers to express surprise at the sound of skydiving free fall after their jump.

Here's a bit more about the sounds you can expect to hear in free fall and over the course of a skydive.

The Sound Of Free Fall

The sound of free fall is, perhaps not surprisingly, windy! You're falling through the air at approximately 120 mph which means there will be a lot of air rushing by you.

It's similar to the rush of wind in your hair that you feel anytime you're moving quickly. Are you a surfer? It's the same sound you get when riding a fast wave. Cyclist? Ride fast enough and you'll get that rush of wind going by you.

Another way to find out before your jump is to (carefully) put your hand out of the window when you're a passenger in a car. You'll feel the wind rushing against your hand which is exactly what you'll feel in skydiving free fall.

What you won't hear in free fall (contrary to films like Point Break) is the voice of the other person. You can't hear each other speaking during free fall, which means that experienced skydivers have to use signals and eye contact to communicate.

Over time and with more experience, you get used to the sound. In fact, some people report not hearing it at all. It's all part of the overall experience.

Other Skydiving Sounds You Might Not Have Thought Of

Other sounds you might not have thought of include the sound of the airplane. Your standard commercial aircraft is pressurized, meaning many of the sounds you hear are squashed or suppressed.

The skydiving airplane isn't pressurized because it's not going high enough to require it. This means that you will probably notice it's a little louder than the last flight you took. That said, it's still quiet enough for you to chat with your friends and for your instructor to talk to you throughout the ride to altitude, giving you guidance and generally helping you to feel more relaxed.

Then there's the sound of the parachute ride, which, compared to free fall is very quiet! The parachute slows your rate of descent to such an extent that most people report feeling very relaxed and peaceful. It's a quiet time when you can reflect on what's just happened, enjoy the view and, if you want to, chat to your instructor (because you can hear voices once the parachute is open).

If you'd like to experience all the sights and sounds of free fall for yourself, book your tandem skydive in NY with Skydive Finger Lakes!

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