How To Prepare for Your First Skydive

How To Prepare for Your First Skydive

Published: February 26, 2017

So you've 'taken the plunge' and booked your first skydive? Congratulations! You're already over the biggest hurdle towards experiencing one of life's greatest adventures.

In anticipation of your first jump, you may be feeling a bit nervous, and we experienced skydivers know that feeling prepared always helps. To help you prepare for your skydive, we've compiled ten 'DO's and 'DON'T's to make your first time skydiving experience one you'll never forget.

First Time Skydiving (DO)s:

1. Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothes that allow for free movement. We will provide a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles.

In terms of footwear, sneakers or tennis shoes are an ideal choice for your first skydive. Please do not wear sandals, heels or boots with hooks. If you have long hair, remember to bring a hair-tie!

2. Eat Normally

Even if you are feeling nervous, don't go skipping a meal. Feeling lightheaded will not help. Don't overeat either, this is particularly important if you are prone to travel sickness - remember this jump starts with a plane ride (consider your fellow passengers...)

3. Bring Your Friends

The best moments in life are better shared. Bring along some of your nearest and dearest friends to cheer you on and provide the hugs and high-fives you're going to want when you land.

If you have a friend who wants to skydive too, even better! You can talk about how great your skydiving experience was when everyone else gets tired of hearing about it (yes, you will want to talk about it that much).

4. Get The Video

The surge of adrenaline you experience during freefall may make it feel like a blur. First time jumpers who get a video say that it helps their recollection. Having a video will put you back in the moment, even years later.

5. Enjoy Every Moment

Freefall is amazing, but there's so much more to a skydive...

Savor the plane ride, take in the views and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie.

You will be scared in the door right before you exit. Try to contain your nerves, (close your eyes if you need to), and know that you will leave your fear behind in the plane.

Freefall is absolutely exhilarating. Once the parachute deploys, everything will slow down, and you'll be gliding around under your parachute feeling total freedom.

First Time Skydiving (DONT'S):

1. Mislead Us Regarding Your Age, Weight Or Medical Conditions

This is important. We know you want to jump, we want you to jump, but you must be honest with us because rules are there for a reason (YOUR safety).

Please do speak to us regarding any concerns ahead of the day of your skydive, particularly regarding medical conditions. You may still be able to skydive, but might need doctor's approval.

2. Arrive Late

Your arrival time is not your jump time. However, if you show up late, you could miss your slot. The dropzone is a great place to hang out, so arrive with plenty of time and you'll have no regrets.

3. Drink Alcohol Before Your Skydive

You cannot skydive with alcohol in your system. Save it for the celebrations!

4. Assume You Will Jump

Skydiving is weather dependent and weather is unpredictable. We will only take you to the sky if conditions are safe to do so.

You may find yourself waiting on weather (another reason to bring friends) and there is a chance you may not jump and have to come back. So be prepared for this. We know it's disappointing, but safety comes first.

5. Ignore Your Instructor

"Well, duh" I hear you say, however, it is surprisingly easy to get excited and then distracted on the day.

Listen carefully during your brief, in the plane, and under parachute. It is essential to a comfortable landing that you follow instructions. Your instructor is a very experienced skydiver, but it is up to both of you to make your skydive safe (and awesome).

We hope that these first time skydiving tips have helped you prepare for your first jump. If you're still feeling nervous (which is totally normal), know that overcoming fear makes completing your first skydive feel even better.

For more information on first time tandem skydiving, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact a team member.

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