Top 10 Reasons To Skydive

Top 10 Reasons To Skydive

Published: July 26, 2016

On the fence about making that first tandem skydive? Dear reader, it's time to leap right off of it--and into the sky. There are a thousand reasons to do it, after all! Here are just a few of our favorites (but if you ask us, we'll happily yap at you for hours trying to cover the rest). Here goes nothin'...

1. You Want The Voices In Your Head To Shut Up.

You've got 99 problems, but a...wait a second. Nope. You've got 100 problems. However, when you look at the math (multiply that, divide this, take the square, carry the 1...), we can tell you in the name of science that zero of them will matter in the sky. For a few blissful minutes, the only thing on your mind will be the sweet sound and whooshy hug of freefall. Honestly, that's the reason most of us sport skydivers fall so soundly in love with the sky--for its therapeutic qualities.

2. You Want To Change The Way You Look At Every Challenge In Your Life.

Once you've summoned the hutzpah to strap on your gear and throw yourself out of a plane, the frustrations and puzzles that proliferate in your earthbound life have a tendency to look very different. Preparing to walk in to give a tough presentation at work starts to feel like standing in the airplane door, y'know? There are so many ways skydiving makes life a little better.

3. You've Always Wanted To.

That "bucket list" everyone always talks about? Yep. Skydiving is reliably sitting on the top of the pile. I mean: We know it is in yours. Better git 'er done, so you have time to tackle the rest before that bucket is finally kicked. No time to waste, you know!

4. You Want To Be Famous.

Your social is going to blow up when those skydiving photos and video come out. (#ifelloutofaplanelikethis #waybraverthanyourfriends #everybodybejealous #whee)

5. It's Suuuuuuper Nice Up There.

Is the summer heat starting to melt your zen? It's about 20 degrees cooler up at altitude--and freefall is like hanging out in a gigantic fan. Ahhhhhhh.

6. The View.

Upstate New York is lovely even from the ground. From the sky? Lawdy. You've never seen anything so green, and with the lakes all twinklin'? Oh! And when the leaves turn, it looks like a watercolor painting worked in red and gold. STUNNING!

7. You Want To Get Out Of A Rut.

Making a skydive is like hitting a big "reset" switch. When you land, you'll magically start approaching challenges more creatively. It's pretty cool! You'll see what we mean.

8. You Want To Meet New People.

Dropzones are hugely social places, full of pretty darn amazing human beings. Ours is kinda special, even beyond that--we're pretty sure that the people who work here are the friendliest in the industry. Just hanging out with our crew is, like, a totally valid reason to visit the DZ.

9. High-fives.

High-fives are an art form that the skydiving community continually strives to advance. Come and be a part of the R&D process.

10. You Want To Turn A Few Minutes Into An Eternity.

Time works differently in the sky. Those minutes you spend up there feel much longer than they actually are. A skydive has the power to stretch the fabric of life so that more joy fits in. Seriously! It sounds like poetry, and there's only one way to really understand it--by joining us, up there.

What are you waiting for?! Book a tandem skydive with Skydive Finger Lakes online today! Located in Ovid, NY we've been proudly skydiving Upstate NY since 1982. We hope to join you for the thrill of a lifetime!

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I am 50 and this was part of my do it once "bucket list", but now I would do it again!

» Cristian S.