The Top 5 Reasons You MUST Skydive!

The Top 5 Reasons You MUST Skydive!

Published: January 9, 2016

Are you *thinking* about skydiving, but scared out of your mind about doing it? Relax, everyone feels this way. If it wasn't for the fear factor, the achievement wouldn't feel as great! So let's chat about why you simply MUST jump!

You Will Feel Amazing

When you ride on a roller coaster, you scream your lungs out, feel exhilaration and some adrenaline and then move on to the next ride. A skydive is so much more. It's a personal challenge. A hurdle that you must overcome while all your friends say you're crazy for doing it (which only adds to the personal challenge). Here's where it get's good. You do it and love it! All the stress you felt melts away as you realize while in free fall that this is one of the best experiences of your life. YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING

You'll Get High

Literally and physically. You're going to fly to 10,000 feet and jump. Check. The coolest part is the natural high you're going to feel. The dopamine and serotonin will be rushing into your brain in ways you've never felt before and it feels awesome. You will smile from ear to ear (we call it perma-grin) and you won't stop for three days. You'll look up at the sky and think of it differently and know you've been there and experienced something that few others can claim. It really is as awesome experience!


If you're stressed or worried about something it's going to melt away. We guarantee it. When the door of the plane opens you'll become present and your attention is fixated on what your responsibilities are during the skydive (arch and smile). After the jump you'll realize that there is a world beyond your world that has it's stressors. To escape the strains of life and fill it with absolute fun is priceless and is why the sport is so addictive. It just feels good!

You'll Feel

The word 'feel' shows up in this article more than any other (8 times) and there's a reason. We often see people who have been through struggle in life really open up after a jump. It's literally an awakening and allows people to feel that there can be relief. Many television shows have documented therapists bringing people out to skydive. We're not doctors, but we see it all the time... it really is an amazing experience that's cathartic to so many.


The internet is littered with themes of adventure. We all want to go on one, but not enough of us do. You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to find an adventure. Adventure is waiting for you at the DropZone and with it a community of people who want to share this great adventure with you!

We hope to see you out here at Skydive Finger Lakes!

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Absolutely an amazing experience, couldn't have asked for anything better!!

» Tricia A.