Experienced Skydivers

Experienced Skydivers

Welcome to Finger Lakes Skydivers!

Are you an experienced jumper looking for places to go skydiving in New York state? Finger Lakes Skydivers has a mix of skydivers of all experience levels and visitors are always welcome.

Onsite Amenities

The airport is owned by the dropzone and camping is allowed. You can bring a tent or crash on the floor in the clubhouse. The clubhouse has restrooms/showers, a kitchen-lounge area, and indoor packing. We do not have camper hookups but electricity is available. We occasionally have cookouts and bonfires on weekends. Be sure to check our Events Page to see what's happening around the dropzone.

Please note that no alcohol is allowed on premises during jump hours. This rule applies to spectators as well as active jumpers.

All experienced skydivers must show proof of USPA membership and in date gear prior to jumping.

Rigging services are available. View the pricing tables below for more information on available rigging services.

A Note on Safety

Skydive Finger Lakes takes your safety very seriously. We ask that you please view the Landing Areas and Safety Procedures page to review important information about landing areas, landing patterns, and general safety procedures around the dropzone.

Please note that before making your first jump of the season, you will be required to practice emergency procedures. Please visit the Safety Day event page for more information.

Experienced Skydiver Jump Rates

Option Cash Credit Card


$20 $22


$25 $28

Rigging Work

Option Cash Credit Card

Inspect and Repack

$75 $85

Pilot's Emergency Parachute

$75-90 $85-95

Rigger (per hour)

$40 $50
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I cannot recommend Finger Lakes Skydivers enough. They did such a good job that I will definitely do this again and I will be returning to Finger Lakes Skydivers to do it.

» Jeremy C.