Learn to Skydive Solo

Become a Licensed Skydiver

Skydive Finger Lakes offers a complete training program consisting of 5 tandem jumps and 20 freefall training jumps to earn your "A" skydiving license.

Once you have completed the program, you will be able to jump without the supervision of an instructor. You can buy your own gear, jump in groups with other skydivers, perfect your skills and most of all have FUN.

Ready to get started?

Head over to our Student Training Program page for more details about the program.

Learn to Skydive Student Training Program

Option Cost

Tandem 1


Tandem Jumps 2-5

$229.00 each

IAF 1-5

$209.00 each

Solo 1-5

$65.00 each

Coaching 6-10

$95.00 each

Ground School


Packing Class


USPA Membership

Test Ad

It was so fantastic that I have decided to do the student training program they have available where you work your way up to solo jumps.

» Jessie