Planning Your Skydive

Planning Your Skydive


Unfortunately, Skydive Finger Lakes must temporarily close for the 2022 season. We are currently engaged in a legal dispute with the owner of the Ovid Airport. Our legal team is confident that we will prevail in our fight; however, at this juncture, we cannot realistically expect to start jumping this year.

Continuing the life and culture of this historic DZ is incredibly important to us; we want nothing more than to keep skydiving alive at the Ovid Airport for all of our amazing tandem and AFF students. Unfortunately, we have simply been left with no good choices in this situation.

We appreciate all of you so much. If you would like to join the struggle to preserve skydiving at the Ovid Airport, you can purchase a Skydive Finger Lakes T-Shirt at our online store. Shipping is included in the cost, and all proceeds go to helping us fight another day. If you are not a T-Shirt person and want to support our cause, we will be adding the option to donate up to $20 in $5 increments.

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The staff are patient and amazing! Brett my instructor made this a fabulous experience. Never anticipated I would love falling so fast!

» Cindy D.