Weather Forecast

Skydiving is a completely weather-dependent sport.

In a perfect world, we'd have blue skies and sunshine every day. Unfortunately, mother nature often has other plans. We ask our guests to understand that skydiving operations are dependent on proper weather conditions and that we may occasionally have to postpone or reschedule your skydive if the weather is not suitable for jumping. Unsuitable conditions include: strong winds on the ground, strong winds at altitude or any point in between; variable winds that go from calm to strong without warning; light winds from certain directions; solid cloud cover at certain altitudes; thunderheads or storm clouds in certain locations; precipitation, liquid or frozen; you get the idea!

We are constantly checking the upcoming weather, but please understand that the forecast for our region doesn't tend to be accurate until about 12-24 hours beforehand (if then!). There is no weather station between the lakes, so our forecast is usually a best-guess blend of Rochester and Binghamton weather.

If we see something in the forecast that will definitely cancel your skydive, we'll be in touch the evening before, usually after 8 PM. We also require that you call or text us before starting your trip to the airport, to make sure conditions are suitable.

Please, don't drive yourself crazy checking the weather in the weeks leading up to your appointment! We're keeping an eye on it. And don't wait for a perfect forecast before making your appointment, either. Weather changes all the time. If it's not safe, we won't be jumping.