The Ovid Airport

Celebrating 50 Years of Aviation

The Ovid Airport, identifier D-82, is located 2 ½ miles south east of the village of Ovid on Parish Road. The airport was originally located ½ mile east of its' current location.

The old hangar is still standing. The airport was constructed at its current location around 1960-61. The runway was 1900 x 80 feet of grass running north and south. A club house and several hangars were constructed over the next few years with volunteer labor and used materials. In the late 1970's the runway was lengthened to 2800 feet. In the early 1990's construction was started on a new runway just west of the existing runway. Over 15,000 yards of dirt were moved to build up the north end about 15 feet and in 1995 the new 2800 x 40 foot runway (1/19) was paved. In 2001 a new grass runway, 2200 x 60 foot, was constructed just west of the paved strip and the original runway closed. The airport now consists of the paved and grass runways, 4 hangars, several small cabins and a club house for the skydiving center.

The Airport is privately owned by Finger Lakes Skydivers. It was constructed and operates completely with private funds, no governmental money, federal, state or local has been received. The airport is open to public aviation use and no landing fees are collected.

The pictures below are of the original construction in 1961.

grass runway dirt being moved

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The view and experience are more than I could have ever imagined.

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