Em Foster

HBIC- Ground Ops

Jumps: 8 tandems

Phone: 315 220 0052

Email: emily AT skydivefingerlakes DOT com

About Em Foster

I grew up in the Bay Area and central valley of California. I did a random tandem at Lodi for my 25th birthday with my mom and my best friend Lolo, and within about six weeks I'd quit my job at a bakery and started traveling and working in the skydiving industry. Foster and I met because we were living in two halves of the same duplex in Boulder City, Nev. Fate definitely had a hand in that! If not for skydiving neither of us would have been in that place at that time.

That was 2013, and we've been an inseparable team ever since. Our partnership has been the biggest and best thing to ever happen to me. Adopting Skydive Finger Lakes is coming in as a really close second, though.

Everyone always asks me when I'm getting certified as a skydiver, and the final answer is: I'm not. It's never been in the cards for me to jump on my own. I love jumping with Foster, and I love this industry... but for the most part I love it from the ground. Someone has to stay down here and do the boring stuff.