Molly Foster

DZ Food Taster

Jumps: 500 couch jumps

About Molly Foster

I'm Molly! I'm 10 years old and I love to bark at new people. I applied to be the DZ's Safety Admin but it turns out I suck at paperwork so I accepted this position instead.

I enjoy sleeping, napping and resting. I'm also a big fan of chicken, turkey burgers, plums, pineapple and apple. I'm on a diet, though, because I chonked up over the winter.

I'm devoted to my adoptive parents but I take a while to warm up to strangers, so come to my office and say hi from a distance!

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Couldn't be happier with the professional and super friendly staff. Enjoyed every minute of it, can't wait to go back and do it again.

» Raymond H.